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You can go to the Mall or certain camera stores and get a portrait. Why come to me? If youve ever been to one of those places, you may have noticed their studio setup lights mounted from the ceiling, an X or line on the floor for where to stand, and the camera securely mounted 12 feet away. THEY USE THE SAME SETUP FOR ALL THEIR PORTRAITS! Furthermore, they don't use photographers, but rather simply camera operators - someone to say "Smile!" and push a button.

You are unique, and your portraits should be as well. I want to capture your true personality, such that everyone who sees your photo will smile and know its you, through and through. My portrait sessions typically last anywhere from half an hour to two, depending on what you want. My studio equipment is constantly changing and no two setups are identical!

In addition to studio portraits, I can also take my studio equipment on-location with me to whatever venue you have in mind. I love shooting in historic districts, parks, client's homes, and other unique places. This works especially well for family portraits.

What to Expect

Whatever style of portraiture you're interested in, I want it to depict the true you. This is done by having a collaboration session prior to the shoot. We will meet at the studio and you will bring a few outfits that you are considering (I can give you some outfit recommendations if you're not certain). Then we'll discuss what you want to capture in the session, which I'll take and combine with your personality to produce a unique session vision. Usually the shoot will be scheduled within a week from that meeting.

Each type of portraiture operates differently (i.e. executive, senior, couples, etc), so I'll explain the specific process to you during our first conversation. Don't worry - the entire process is easy, fun, and relaxed. In general, conservative executive portraits are the fastest, followed by couples, family, fashion, and senior.