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Privacy Policies are always long and boring, so here's a summary of mine:

I respect you. I hate spam, scams, and pesky newsletters I didn't sign up for, and I'm sure you do too. I will NEVER sell, give, trade, or otherwise intentionally make available any of your contact information. I will frequently use the first names of some of my clients in my blog to showcase what a great time we had together, but that's the limit unless I have your direct consent for anything further.

I do have some newsletters that I'll send out. However, I make it very clear if you're signing up to receive it. When new newsletter categories are developed I will typically send out a notification to anyone who's not on the "Never Ever Ever Email Me" list to let you know of it's existance and provide a link to sign up, but that's the last you'll hear of it if you don't sign up.

If you Never Ever Ever want to get email from me, simply mark that in your profile, and I will Never Ever Ever send you any. EVER. On the very very remote chance that something comes to you, it will have been a huge programming blunder, and we'll have our programmers lynched. In any case, your plight will be avenged.

Credit card numbers are NOT stored on our servers. Any time you use a credit card to make a payment, it is used that once and then immediately deleted. I don't want any possibility of someone hacking the server and stealing your financial information.

I do collect statistics of what is accessed on my site, where people are coming from, browser versions, screen resolution, and such. This is NOT shared with anybody else and is SOLELY used to help me improve my website to better serve you.