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Thanks, Jonathan. It was a pleasure having you as a part of the wedding. We'll think of you every time we look at our wedding pics.

-- Sarah & Neo

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Daniel & Sarah's WeddingOct 24, 2009

I loved Daniel and Sarah straight from the get-go. They're Aggies and both have an affinity to geeky things, so we got along fabulously. On top of that, they are simply perfect for one another. To say that they're in love is like saying the center of the sun is "toasty."

Sarah planned a quaint wedding at The Country Abbey in Justin, TX (north of Fort Worth). The staff there was fantastic and everything went super smooth. (Well, except for the DJ who accidentally hit his head on a speaker stand while setting up! Poor guy!)

The best part of the wedding (for me) was that Sarah and Daniel decided they wanted to see each other before the ceremony. I led Daniel to the alter, shooed out the few people who were in the chapel, and faced him away from the door. A few moments later Sarah arrived. I asked Daniel to please turn around and face his bride. She approached and those moments were absolutely breathtaking.

I know many people like the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride on the day of the wedding until the start of the ceremony, but believe me this was one of the most romantic things I've seen and I'm privileged that they trusted me to capture those emotions.